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Nomadik is an outdoor subscription box that includes a variety of outdoor adventure gear for $32.95 per month. Some of the items you can expect to see in Nomadik subscription box includes lanterns, bug repellent, hammocks, reusable beverage containers, carabiners, survival gear, fire starters, camping gear, non-perishable snacks, and more!

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The Nomadik Box Review – March 2018 + Coupon!

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This box was sent to us for review purposes.


The Nomadik Box is a monthly outdoors lifestyle subscription box that includes 3-5 pieces of outdoor gear including dry packs, portable lighting, tools, hydration mixes, drinkware, snacks, and more worth $50+ for $32.95 per month with free shipping!

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This review is for the March 2018 Nomadik Box.

The included card indicates the theme for this month’s box- “Hike Longer, Go Further”.

Inside the card there’s a packing list detailing each item in the box.

Now let’s reveal the items!

The March 2018 Nomadik box includes products by Mazama Designs, Tecnu, Noso Patches, Skratch Labs, and more!

Keep reading for more info and pictures of each item.

Mazama Designs BackFlip 2L Hydration Reservoir – $26.99 value

True to form, Nomadik’s March box was packed with goodies to keep you going. The centerpiece no doubt is the Mazama 2L water-pack. For anyone still lugging around a water bottle and taking the time to undo a backpack zipper whenever they’re thirsty, a hands-free water-pack is a game-changer. While not the biggest in size, Nomadik’s choice in water-packs seems great; a magnetic attachment that keeps the nozzle on your chest, on/off switch equipped bite nozzle, and a nicely solid construction. Too many of these that I’ve tried end up leaking, or are a nightmare to even close once having filled — looking at you, Camelbak—so one that was easy to open, fill, close, and then lock, is nice change of pace.

Tecnu Original Poison Oak & Ivy Skin Cleanser – $10 value

Up next, in order of being pulled out of my box that is, was the Tecnu outdoor skin cleanser. Fortunately enough, I haven’t had any recent encounters with Poison Ivy that would’ve put this to use, but it seems that every summer I inevitably hike my way into a patch of it one way or another. Suffice it to say, I’ll be happily adding this to my hiking/camping supplies.

Nosu Patches Patch Dazzle Kit – $4.99 value

Something that I didn’t expect to find in here was the SoNo “Patchdazzle”, a personal patch ‘kit’ to use on the go in case of tears in gear or clothing. As I looked over the small DIY kit, my eyes wandered to my backpack which happened to have a few holes in the material. Timing as good as it was, I pulled out a small blade and cut out a patch and stuck it on. It seems sturdy, and without the look of duck tape that I’d expected. So kudos to Nomadik for thinking ahead, I’m sure I’ll be thankful for it the next time I tear something on a rock which does happen decently often.

RX Bar Whole Food Protein Bar in Chocolate Sea Salt – $2.16 value

The next two items I was less enthused about, but that comes down to personal preference. RXBAR’s have gotten fairly popular, comparable to the way Cliff Bars really exploded a few years ago. The flavor I got was “chocolate sea salt”, and maybe that’s what didn’t click for me. RXBAR’s market themselves as healthy, ‘no-BS’ snacks, and it does live up to those values.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix with Oranges – Two 0.8oz. packages, $1.75 x 2 value

That leaves the Skratch Labs electrolyte powder. ‘ If you’re going long distances, no doubt a high-sodium powder to keep yourself from losing too much water is a great choice. I’ve never had a personal taste for them though, so these were bound to be a bit of a bust for me.


The March 2018 Nomadik Box, overall, is a good value for the price. While I didn’t like the hydration mix or the RX bar, a solid water pack and rash cream would’ve run much higher in price than the cost of this box.

Can I get this box if I sign up today?

Unfortunately the March box is no longer available. If you sign up for Nomadik now, your first shipment will be the current month’s box.


Use our exclusive Nomadik coupon code SAVVYSUBSCRIPTION to save 10% off your first box!

What do you think of The Nomadik box?

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