The Best Dog Subscription Boxes Of 2020

Best Subscription Boxes

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What are the best dog subscription boxes of 2020? Here we’ve rounded up the top 10 best dog subscription boxes 2020 – from fresh dog food delivery boxes to dog subscription boxes filled with made in the USA treats and toys, there’s a subscription box perfect for your precious pooch here on our list! Scroll down to view the best dog boxes now!

1. Spot & Tango

Cost: Less than $1/day

Spot & Tango will keep your dog looking and feeling their best with personalized meal plans tailored to their individual nutrition needs priced at less than $1 per day! Spot & Tango food was created by veterinary nutritionists and is made with human-grade, whole food ingredients including fresh fruits & vegetables plus it’s free of additives, preservatives, and fillers so there’s no worries about unhealthy ingredients in your dog’s food. Spot & Tango dog food is delivered right to your door on your schedule so all you have to do is defrost, serve, and feel good knowing your dog is getting the best dog food possible!

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2. BarkBox

Cost: $29/month

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Barkbox is a monthly dog subscription box that includes exclusive dog toys and dog treats curated around a theme for $29 per month with free shipping. Spoil your dog every month with Barkbox! Each month you’ll receive a variety of dog toys, chews, and natural dog treats perfect for your pup. Sign up for a longer Barkbox subscription for the best deal and pay as you go. Plus, BarkBox is easy to cancel- simply log into your online account to cancel anytime.

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3. Pet Plate

Cost: From $2/day

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As seen on SHARK TANK! Treat your dog to healthy, fresh dog food from Pet Plate in 2020 so they can live their best life! Pet Plate is a fresh dog food box that includes nutritionally complete gourmet dog food created by a vet nutritionist and prepared by chefs using only USDA approved meat and farm-fresh produce. Pet Plate fresh pet food contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to ensure a complete, balanced diet for your dog. Pet Plate custom dog food is just a few dollars per day and varies based on your dog’s size. Upon sign up you’ll fill out a profile with your dog’s info and Pet Plate will customize a meal plan to fit your dog’s unique needs and preferences. Get fresh dog food delivered with Pet Plate!

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4. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog Coupon

Cost: $2/day

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The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food subscription box that includes human-grade, fresh dog food made from USDA approved meat, fruits, and vegetables priced from just $2 per day! Each recipe uses clean USDA proteins plus fresh produce and balanced minerals & vitamins and is free of preservatives. The Farmer’s Dog food is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards and use all human-grade ingredients and processes prepared in USDA kitchens. All packaging is eco-friendly, BPA-free, biodegradable, non-toxic, and recyclable.

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5. Super Chewer

Cost: $29/month

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Super Chewer’s in-house toy designers create an interactive adventure for you and your dog, with features like treat-lock systems, puzzle toys, and floating water toys! Each monthly box includes two tough, fluff-free, interactive dog toys, two meaty chews, and two full sized bags of American-made all natural dog treats for the strongest chewers priced at just $29 with free shipping to the lower 48 states. All toys included in Super Chewer box have been tested and approved for safety and durability plus if any toy is ever destroyed, they’ll replace it for free- no questions asked! Each Super Chewer box is curated around a unique, surprise theme which makes this box even more fun! Past themes include: “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” and “Knights of the Hound Table”. Upon sign up you’ll select your dog’s size and if they have food allergies so the toys and treats are appropriate for your dog’s needs. You’ll also get the option to opt-in to the “Extra Toy Club” to receive three toys in each box instead of two for an additional $9 per month to indulge your dog even more! If you have a strong chewer and want to spoil your dog, we highly recommend Super Chewer!

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6. Ollie

Cost: $3/day

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Ollie is a fresh dog food delivery service that offers all natural, human-grade, gourmet dog food that is made with high quality protein, natural superfoods, fresh produce, and essential nutrients priced from just $3 per day! Ollie dog food is made fresh in a USDA kitchen and is free of artificial flavors. Upon sign up you’ll specify your dog’s info and Ollie with tailor a custom dog food plan just for your dog. Get healthy dog food delivered to your door with Ollie!

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7. Pet Treater

Cost: $15 per month

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Pet Treater offers monthly subscription boxes for dogs and cats. Each bag (called a “pack”) includes 3-4 toys and treats plus extra goodies (mostly made in the USA & Canada- never China) for $15 per month with free shipping in the US. Subscribers have the option to choose treats only or toys only boxes for the same price ($15/month). Pet Treater also offers a Deluxe box which is $25 per month and includes 5-8 hand-selected toys, treats, and goodies mostly made in USA and Canada. Your first pack ships immediately with the most popular fan favorites. Subsequent shipments ship on the 10th of each month.

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8. Pooch Perks

Cost: $19.99 per month

Pooch Perks is a dog subscription box that includes hand-picked premium dog toys and made in the USA dog treats priced from $19.99 per month. Subscribers can customize their Pooch Perks box to suit their dog’s size, specify food allergies, add an extra toy, or select the durable toys option for strong chewers.

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9. Rescue Box

RescueBox Review

Cost: $29.95 per month

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RescueBox is a charitable pet subscription box for dogs and cats that includes $40+ in treats, toys, and accessories for $29.95 per month with free shipping in the US. RescueBox is partnered with Greater Good and Rescue Bank to provide food and vaccinations for homeless pets all over the country. For every box sold, RescueBox donates 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccinations to shelter pets in need. To date, over $40 million has been donated to charity!

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10. Dapper Dog Box

Cost: $29.99 per month

Dapper Dog Box is a charitable dog subscription box that includes an array of cute dog toys, treats, and fun dog bandanas priced from $29.99 per month with free US shipping. Dapper Dog Box also gives back by donating to organizations that support shelter dogs across the US.

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