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Smartass And Sass box is subscription box for women that includes 5-7 hand-picked sassy, snarky items made by artists and small businesses that will make you laugh. If you're all about sarcasm and fun, you'll love Smartass & Sass box!

Smartass And Sass offers three subscriptions to choose from:

  • S&S Shirt Subscription- $15.95/mo - Get a sassy, soft, locally-printed unisex shirt each month. Shirts available in sizes XS-3XL.
  • S&S Box Subscription- $34.95/mo - Get a monthly dose of sass with 5-7 items in every box
  • S&S Big Box Subscription - $49.95/mo - Includes everything in the regular size box plus a t-shirt

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Smartass & Sass Review + Coupon – January 2019

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About Smartass & Sass:

Smartass & Sass is a monthly women’s subscription box that includes 5-8 products that will make you laugh your as* off! Products are made by small businesses and artists and may include bags, t-shirts, mugs, candles, keychains, beauty products, hilarious books, fun pens, and more!

Choose from 3 subscriptions:

  • The S&S Shirt Subscription – ($15.95 per month + shipping) Get a sassy, soft, locally-printed unisex shirt each month, delivered to your door. Shirts available in sizes XS-3XL.
  • The S&S Box Subscription – ($34.95 per month + shipping) Get a monthly dose of sass with 5-7 items that will make you laugh your as* off!
  • The S&S Big Box Subscription($49.95 per month + shipping) Includes the same 5-7 snarky goods featured in the regular size S&S Box plus a sassy, soft, locally-printed unisex shirt every month! Shirts are available in sizes XS-3XL.


Use the Smartass & Sass coupon code SASSY15 at checkout to save 15% off your first box!

This is a review of the January 2019 Smartass & Sass Box Subscription which is $34.95 per month plus shipping.

January’s theme is “I’m a Badass,” so let’s take a look at some badass, smartass, and sassy products! The box comes with a pamphlet listing the theme for this month, as well as next months, and descriptions, images, and pricing for all the items included in the January box. It also points you to a subscriber-only Facebook group you can join to share feedback, vote on future vendors, enter contests, and more! I also really love that thier pamphlet includes coupon codes etc., plus links to check out more products from their included vendors.

Here’s everything in the Smartass & Sass January 2019 Box!

Now let’s talk products!

Confetti Swig Vacuum Bottle from Smartass & Sass ($20)

Swig bottles can be pretty pricey since they’re a pretty good quality water bottle, so I welcomed this addition to this month’s Smartass & Sass box. They always keep my drinks very cold and I never have a problem with leakage or condensation on the outside of the bottle. The design is super cute and very sassy, but thankfully still safe for work. Plus this is a Smartass & Sass exclusive item! I love my other Swig bottle so I was happy to add this to my water bottle rotation.

Badass Bitch Ribbon from Adulting FTW ($5)

Okay, while this item is super pointless in terms of what you could do with it, it IS pretty hysterical. I can think of lots of ladies who would love to be awarded with this badass bitch ribbon. Definitely something to send to a friend when they need a little pick me up. The cardstock is thick and the design high-quality, making it feel more giftable than if it had just been tossed in on its own. Is it silly? Yes. Will it make someone’s day? Absolutely!

I Woke Up Like This Enamel Pin from Primitives By Kathy ($8)

Another item from the same makers as the slipper sleeves! I have to say I don’t think I fully understand the enamel pin craze, but this pin has a cute design, and I can see other people loving it. It’s definitely an easily giftable item as a stocking stuffer/extra little something, especially since the packaging is very cute (the pin is attached to a sassy vintage postcard).

Freaking Majestic Sipper Sleeves from Primitives By Kathy ($6)

These sipper sleeves (basically koozies) were a fun and surprising addition to this box! In an era where all of us are (hopefully) trying to be a little more eco friendly, I feel like these are an easy item to just toss in your purse and slip around your drink instead of wasting another cardboard Starbucks sleeve. The packaging looks a little like the blue and pink sleeves are just one giant sleeve, which threw me off for a minute, but it’s actually one unicorn sleeve and another “freakin majestic” sleeve.

Badass Chick Scrub from Doc Spartan ($15)

The Badass Chick Scrub smells delicious–it’s a natural coconut oil sent combined with lavender and orange essential oils. Doc Spartan is also a veteran-owned company which is great to see included on the marketing materials. FYI, the copy on their website for this item is hysterical. Their “best results” instructions reads: “have significant other apply scrub while Lifetime movies play in the background.”

If You Can’t Stand the Heat Apron from Smartass & Sass ($12)

I love seeing a sassy apron in this box, plus it’s another Smartass & Sass exclusive! Apron’s can get pretty pricey, so I’m actually surprised to see the value of this one is only $12. It features the oldie but goodie “if you can’t stand the heat” saying and has a large pocket in the front. The material is a little stiff, but considering it’s an apron, I don’t think that really matters. Definitely one of those items to be “casually” hung up on the kitchen for guests to see.




This month’s Smartass & Sass box was pretty fun and creative! I thought a lot of the items were original and surprising, and I liked that items like the water bottle and apron are just standard everyday products but with a splash of attitude. I also appreciate the way their marketing materials support their vendors, driving subscribers to visit their websites for other products. I’m not 100% sure that all the items go with the “I’m a Badass” theme but they’re all sassy, which goes with the overall theme of the subscription box itself. I think my favorite item was actually the badass bitch ribbon! I just know it’s the perfect gift to give to a friend when they’re having a bad day. Overall this box had a value of $66, with the cost of the subscription being $34.95 per month + shipping. I feel like you get a little more bang for your buck if you like everything in the box, or just break even if there was one or two items you weren’t a fan of, but overall you’re paying for the curation of a monthly dose of humor and sass which seems pretty worth it to me! Sometimes you just need a little smartass sass in your life to cheer you up.

Is this box still available?

Unfortunately, the January 2019 Smartass & Sass box is no longer available so if you sign up now, your first box will be February 2019. Check out Smartass & Sass February 2019 Spoilers here!


Use the Smartass & Sass coupon code SASSY15 at checkout to save 15% off your first box!


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