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Pearlesque Box is a green beauty box that includes high quality, non-toxic, all natural skincare products from around the world for $39.95 per month with free shipping in the US!

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Pearlesque Box Review + Coupon – August 2019

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Pearlesque Box Review

About this Natural Beauty Box

Pearlesque Box is a monthly luxury organic skincare subscription box that includes high quality, non-toxic, all natural skincare products from around the world for $39.95 per month with free shipping in the US!

COUPON: Use the Pearlesque Box coupon PEARL5 to get $5 off your first box!

The August Pearlesque box features three full-size products this month from organic beauty brand Rosemira. Each item is well protected in bubble wrap keeping so theses glass bottles safe. The caps are also sealed with plastic so I don’t think there’s much chance of the product leaking during shipment.

Each Pearlesque Box contains a double-sided card. On the front, you can get to know the brand – Rosemira Organics, which is great because this natural skincare line is new to me. They do not use additives, alcohol or toxic preservatives. Products are organic and there is no animal testing on any ingredient. Another interesting thing to me about Rosemira is that its led by a female doctor that specializes in both Western and Chines medicine products, and they manage to make all products handmade in small batches.

On the back are the main ingredients and other product information for each item.

The August 2019 Pearlesque Box includes a balancing toner, argan hair and body oil, and eye cream by Rosemira Organics. They are all full-size and infused with citrus essential oils.

Now, here’s a closer look at each item in the box!

Rosemira Organics Citrus Blossom I-Restore Eye Cream – Full Size 0.5 oz, $42

This eye cream comes in a sweet little jar and its specifically for brightening dark circles under the eyes and more. It makes it clear there are a couple non-vegan ingredients. Made up of jojoba oil, hypoallergenic lanolin, beeswax, and aloe vera gel, this is rich with skin conditioning and hydrating components. Besides its promise to help reduce dark circles, its designed to increase collagen production, diminish appearance of wrinkles, and reduce damage from free radicals. Some other active ingredients used are lemon rind, tangerine, red mandarin, and pearl powder. Yes, pearl powder! The pale yellow color and thicker pudding consistency remind me of custard. It’s so rich it almost slides off my finger when I apply it. It’s fast and light to apply to the delicate area around my eyes. Pearlesque has a tip to use an eye massage tool so the eye cream penetrates further. After a patch test and deciding whether citrus ingredients are ok for you, I would include recommending this eye cream to someone just starting with one, due its great spreadability and absorption. Sometimes eye cream feels like a finicky and unnecessary step I want to skip, or it sits on the skin. I appreciated the ease of using this one and I don’t think it would be difficult to add makeup on top. It’s also a reasonable price to repurchase, especially considering the brand’s quality standards.

Rosemira Organics Organic Argan Hair & Body Oil – Full Size 1oz, $30
My favorite item in the box is this body oil! It is a 100% argan oil. Not “argan-infused” or a blend. There are no fillers or other oils (aside from the proprietary essential oil blend, which smells great). The bottle might seem small for a body product but it’s a normal size for an undiluted product. Just a small amount is needed for soft, smooth, lustrous results. Argan oil is a ‘dry oil’ so it absorbs immediately and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I’ll use it to target areas that need TLC like elbows, knees, cuticles, ends of hair. However, it would be perfect indulgence for the whole body once in awhile.

The body oil comes in a simple glass pump bottle and it dispenses an appropriate amount without any mess. The golden colored oil looks beautiful in the clear bottle but don’t keep it out in direct sunlight unless you’re using it up quick! I Everyone in my house tried the Rosemira body oil plus other body oils and butters on other limbs. My unscientific blind test found Rosemira as the unanimous favorite for scent, use, and results. So glad that Pearlesque sent this!
I haven’t enjoyed argan oil like this since I went south western Morocco three years ago. Rosemira Organics sources their argan oil from the Berber women’s co-operative that makes extra virgin and cold pressed argan oil. They get a fresh and fair-trade ingredient. By the way, part of the oil refinement process includes collection and digestion of the argan fruit by goats! They extract and soften the nut which later allows it to be hand-pressed. Here’s one of my pictures of goats looking for argan fruit in an argan tree, taken in southwestern Morocco, for those interested in the start of argan oil processing. 😉

Rosemira Organics Citrus Melody Balancing Toner – Full Size 1.7oz, $41
This toner comes in an attractive frosted bottle and it’s a hefty full-size 1.7 ounces. The Citrus Melody line from Rosemira is best for oily skin and balancing sebum production. There is a bright citrusy scent as the name “Citrus Melody” would suggest but I don’t get a furniture-cleaner vibe with this. It’s incredibly refreshing Great alternative to a blast of drying arctic A/C when you need to cool down.
Each spray delivers a healthy amount of fine mist with a little more pressure than I expected. Perfect to stop myself from dozing off and effective for startling pets (kidding, I wouldn’t do that). Three or four sprays are recommended to saturate skin, pat into skin, then follow with serum or cream to lock in the moisture.

The hydrosol itself is NOT a lemon base. Lemon balm is a herbaceous plant from the mint family. I was iffy about it as a facial spray until I realized that the citrus element comes from the small amount of essential oils. Lemon balm is known to be a healing herb, chosen here for its astringent benefits. Avoiding the eye area is specifically advised. That’s probably a good idea for most toners. This toner is best stored in the fridge to prolong shelf life, and you’ll get an extra refreshing experience. My skin seemed to love it. This uses good quality ingredients but I probably wouldn’t spend $41 on toner. For me, it’s usually more tempting to spend on a mask or moisturizer. A toner should help the rest of your skincare be more effective though so I could change my mind.



The total value of the August 2019 Pearlesque box is $113 compared to only $39.95 for a monthly subscription. I think the lemon balm toner, grapefruit argan oil, and restorative eye cream are great picks, especially suited for the peak of summer. I’m also really happy to have discovered Rosemira Organics. Another amazing box from Pearlesque!

Is this box still available?

No. You must sign up by the 5th to receive the current month’s box so if you sign up for Pearlesque now, your first box will be September.

COUPON: Use the Pearlesque Box coupon PEARL5 to get $5 off your first box!


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