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About MINTD Box:

MINTD Box is a monthly/bi-monthly luxury beauty subscription box that includes 4-5 full and deluxe size high-end beauty products (skincare, haircare, makeup, body care) from premium brands for £70 per month ($91 USD) + shipping cost (£6.50/$8.53 shipping to the US). Some of the brands you'll find in MINTD Box include Sunday Riley, Omorovzica, Rodial, and Oribe!

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MINTD Box Review – April 2019

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MINTD Box April 2019 Review

MINTD Box is a monthly/bi-monthly luxury beauty subscription box that includes 4-5 full and deluxe size high-end beauty products (skincare, haircare, makeup, body care) from premium brands for £70 per month ($91 USD) + shipping cost (£6.50/$8.53 shipping to the US). Some of the brands you’ll find in MINTD Box include Sunday Riley, Omorovzica, Rodial, and Oribe!

The Box: MINTD Box

Cost: $91 + $8.53 shipping monthly or bi-monthly

Includes: 4-5 full and deluxe size high-end beauty products from premium brands

Ships to: US, Canada

Deal: Get a FREE Omorovicza Oxygen Booster when you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month MINTD Box subscription! No coupon code needed!

Each April Mintd box contains a detailed fold-out card that explains the theme plus pictures, instructions, value, and where to buy each item. The theme this month is “A Moment for You”.
If you post your Mintd box on Instagram, you are eligible for a 10% gift store discount. To earn Mintd box points towards your next box, you can submit reviews of the products on the website.

Now, here’s a look at what came in the box!

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller – £22 (~$28USD)

I really like this essential oil aromatherapy rollerball. Whether or not this item has soothing influences is subjective and possibly placebo, but for me, it fostered a subtle calm perfectly suitable for daytime productivity.
The fragrance is quite yogic and earthy veering close to a ‘hippie’ smell that I don’t mind. Probably subtle enough that others nearby cannot detect it. I apply it to pulse points on wrists or throat and notice it lasts a couple hours minimum. The main scents that I pick up are vetiver, chamomile, sandalwood, and definitely patchouli. I was very happy to see it’s mixed with carrier oils (coconut oil and jojoba seed oil), which is very important when applying potent essential oils directly to skin. It comes in a stunning slim glass bottle that is light and easy to carry, with a trustworthy tight-fitting cap, and would also look elegant on a nightstand. But what really matters is the aromatherapy aspect – perhaps a strong scent for bedtime, but I think it really shines as a workspace accessory serving as both a visual and olfactory reminder, in particular giving me some extra comfort at my desk on a demanding, deadline-heavy day.
The regular retail price is steep for an essential oil rollerball. A deluxe treat for people who really like fancier products like this or the Aromatherapy Associates brand.

Malee Verdure Moisturizing Oil – £38 (~$49.51USD)

This oil is the fastest-absorbing that I have used but the strong scent limits when I want to use it. I love that it uses almond, avocado, argan, wheat germ, and rosehip oil. The packaging and bottle are beautiful and I’m happy Mintd chose a brand like Malee because I liked the bio about the founder very much.

The oil is in a very giftable box, and there is pop of color lining the inside. Every time I pick up the bottle, I really like the tribal zigzag indentations, very luxurious. And there is meaning behind it – “The brand is inspired by generations of African healing rituals and time-honoured beauty traditions. Malée was named after my great grandmother. It’s a term of endearment in Bini, the language spoken by a tribe in the Edo Kingdom of Nigeria.”  (info also from the founder bio)

As mentioned, it’s a very fast-absorbing and multi-purpose oil that you can use on skin, hair, and nails. You can simply tip the bottle over and shake to dispense for direct application, add some drops to your bath water, or pre-treat your hair before washing. It contains some fantastic ingredients that are high in vitamins and nourishing fatty acids. I couldn’t wait to try it but was disappointed to see added fragrance as the fourth item listed. Indeed, it has quite a strong scent and being a light oil, I feel like more like I am rubbing perfume all over my body. For some, this might be a positive. It’s a pleasant summer-like scent, absorbs well, and it didn’t cause any adverse reactions, I will use it but it’s not my first choice for a body oil and I think a lot of the value is put into the presentation with this product.

Omorovicza Firming Neck Cream – £95 (~$123USD)

Now I’m looking at everyone’s necks! I feel a little paranoid – undefined jawline, thinning skin on the neck and chest, noo! I better do something about that? Lol Well, it is tough to care for this area of the body in terms of sun protection. It’s usually exposed unless you own a lot of summer turtlenecks or always cover up with a scarf.

A neck cream could seem over-specialised, especially for people who want a minimal routine. For myself, sometimes I enjoy taking an extra moment (oh it’s the theme of the box! I get it 😉), and it’s a nice little ritual to add before bed for example.
It’s my favorite item in the box. It comes in a swanky glass jar with a thick heavy cap and a little plastic wand for scooping out the cream. It does have a fragrance but it’s light and I enjoy it. The cream is thick and you don’t need much for the whole neck and décolletage area. Glycerin and shea butter are at the top of the list among other hydrating ingredients. Even compared to a very thick nourishing body cream or shea body, I prefer this neck cream as it absorbs so well. Glad it doesn’t feel greasy since it may contact jewellery, clothing, and is so near the face. I will continue using this and probably replace it or use something equivalent ongoing. Probably not this exact one if it’s $120.

Fun fact about me, my neck has required a lot of manual massage and I’ve had to wear at neck collar in the past, experiencing some legit skin breakdown (sorry TMI?) so I’m actually incredibly pleased (and biased) to receive a special hydrating neck cream.

Su-Man Skincare Velvet Skin Brightening Serum – £90 (~$120USD)

I’m not one to turn down a hydrating serum. They are my saviour haha. Looks like it’s been formulated to do it all – brighten, hydrate, maybe reduce pigmentation and fine lines. The serum comes in a glass dropper bottle and requires a shake ‘for activation’ before each use. This is a high value item to receive, regularly priced at about $123USD and currently sold out at the Su-Man online store.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin as main ingredients as well as antioxidants. The description also says it has ‘traexamic acids, omegas, ceramides’ which is getting a bit technical for me. Apparently, traexamic acid is a skin whitening agent or inflammation-suppressing. Sounds intense. I guess it’s a popular ingredient for concerns about sun spots and pigmentation.

I can see why this serum has won awards. It has a cool jelly-like, soft texture and just one drop is needed to smooth over my face. It looks like it contains things to do as claimed. I can see it immediately evens out the blotchy, dry areas and softens my skin. Too soon to comment on effectiveness for diminishing dark spots and fine lines.

The formula looks very pretty in the bottle but I wish it did not have artificial colouring in it (Red 40 / CI 16035). Although, the inclusion of dragon’s blood extract would also contribute to color. By the way, dragon’s blood is actually derived from a tree sap but it’s still exciting because it’s thought to reduce inflammation and free radicals.



Total retail value of this box is $320.51!! I paid about $90USD so I think this is worth it. The serum alone, or neck cream alone equal that value already, and I loved both those items. MINTD gives access to some of the most luxurious brands out there and it’s also a fun way to check out popular products in the UK. Provided you are ok with fragranced items, you would probably love this box. It contains 4 full-size items that are beautiful and luxurious additions to convert a space or moment into something special. If you can take on the expense of a higher-end subscription box and want to incorporate luxury body and skincare products into your routine, get the Mintd box!

Is this box still available?

Unfortunately, the April 2019 MINTD box is now sold out so if you sign up now for MINTD, your first box will be their May 2019 MINTD Box featuring Sunday Riley!



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