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Mapleblume is a quarterly clean beauty box that includes at least five full-size or deluxe premium skincare and cosmetics products for $120 per quarter. Mapleblume natural beauty boxes are shipped between the 5th and the 15th of each quarter (February, May, August, November). Shipping to Canada is free. Shipping to US is $20.00 CAD.

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Mapleblume Review – May 2019

Savvy Subscription may receive commission through the affiliate links in this post. Read the full disclosure. This box was sent to us for review purposes.

Mapleblume May 2019 Review

Mapleblume is a clean beauty luxury subscription box that is delivered from Canada every three months. You will get at least five full-size or deluxe premium skincare and cosmetics products chosen to work well together for $120 per quarter. Good to know: Mapleblume boxes are shipped between the 5th and the 15th of each quarter (February, May, August, November). There are no shipping costs for orders in Canada, and there is a $20.00 CAD flat rate shipping fee for US orders.

The Box: Mapleblume

Cost: $120 per quarter

Includes: At least five full-size or deluxe premium skincare and cosmetics products

Ships to: US, Canada

This is a review of the May 2019 MapleBlume, themed “Blooming Beauty”. It comes in a beautiful pale green gift box. This little box itself with magnetic lid and copper foil detailing is a keeper. My last Mapleblume box now holds art supplies and I will save this one for storage or holding a special gift. (The box only, I’m not willing/nice enough to part with the box contents.) Unpacking this box is the best experience, discovering clean beauty treats nestled under tissue paper.

Every Mapleblume box comes with a glossy card describing what’s in the box, product directions and benefits, and the retail value.

The back of the card encourages you to share your Mapleblume beauty box experience on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You might win a free box if you do!

Here’s what’s inside the May 2019 Mapleblume box!

Read on for my full review of each item in the box. It came with a hydrating mask, nourishing eye cream, natural foaming cleanser, lip gloss and multi use makeup cream stick, all from premium clean beauty brands.

Supreme Moisture Mask from Nuori – Full Size 50ml 1.7 fl oz, $105CAD value

The feature item of this box is the Supreme Moisture Mask from Nuori. This particular Nuori item was named by a ‘celebrity facialist’ as a favorite in Vogue and it has a luxurious price tag of $105CAD retail value. I’m not sure if I’m impressed yet until I use it. The design makes it super easy to apply. You can dispense a pump and either apply after cleansing as an overnight treatment or remove after 10 or minutes. No excuses not to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier via squalene and betaine 😉

It is lightweight using grape and Damask rose waters, but very highly concentrated to help dry skin, and made with natural ingredients even naturally derived hyaluronic acid. Also contains chamomile and vitamin B3. This is a nice change from an emphasis on exfoliating and detox masks which can be too much sometimes.

My skin absorbed a lot of product that hardly needed to be wiped it off. I like the “veil” that remains. The finish was light and less dewy than I get from my day moisturizer. This is so different from other masks where you might hide out because they drip or look strange. It was comfortable to wear for a long time as it doesn’t dry up. It almost seems like a lotion. However, it is potent. You only need to use it a few times a week. I didn’t notice dramatic change, but I did not have distressed, dry skin. The next morning after use, my skin was more soothed and supple which I do need for my more reactive, dry cheeks. People with combination, dry, or sensitive skin would probably like this mask the most. There is a faint floral smell that I enjoyed due to added fragrance from essential oils. My boyfriend said it smells like old lady-ish (he says that about anything with rose). I thought it was very subtle and pleasant.

The mask I received in my May box has an expiry date of Jun 30 2019. The box says use immediately for freshness. I better not forget to use it twice a week then! A slight inconvenience to expect from a product with fewer preservatives. I enjoyed the chance to try a premium mask and see what it’s about.

Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream – Full Size 15ml 0.5 fl oz, $60 CAD value

MapleBlume has included a crazy good eye cream in this box. Why do I say that? There is nothing in it that I want to keep away from my eye area haha. I love how it feels on, AND this one works for me right away! Pai skincare had the novel idea of formulating a clean product that specifically avoids skin and eye irritating ingredients. The website recommends it even for eczema-prone skin and it contains no alcohol, and I didn’t see quick-fix short term additions like caffeine. I don’t have eczema or a skin condition, but I think the eye area deserves a delicate touch regardless. The Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream is based on ingredients skin conditioning extracts rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and omega 3 and 6 to replenish and hydrate skin which may smooth out lines. There are a few essential oils.

This eye cream comes in a tall skinny tube which I like better than a jar to protect and preserve the contents. It’s a light cream with no noticeable scent that readily absorbs into my skin. It didn’t sit on the surface like grease or run into my eyes. I’ve used several eye creams at comparable or higher retail value and this one is my favorite to date. My eyes are looking less puffy and I look l slept a full night. I have been a little self-conscious of the bags under my eyes and treating the area with gentle product got effective results.

There’s one thing I didn’t like – You get an obscene amount of product from one pump and might go through it faster than necessary. I contacted Pai Skincare whether this was the correct amount to use for both eyes. It seemed like way too much. Here’s the reply:

“The pump can be a little strong and we are looking at the packaging as we speak and testing a small dosage pump. With the current one, we suggest half a pump and then apply to both eyes using the ring finger as it’s the lightest form of pressure. If you dispense it gently you should be able to get half a pump.”

I’ve got the hang of this half-pump method now 😊

Essential Cleanser from Modicum Skincare – Full Size, 30ml | 1 fl oz, $37.40CAD value

This light foaming cleanser from Modicum Skincare is a change from the deluge of oil cleansers featured in so many beauty boxes. I initially felt some aversion towards the ‘foaming’ idea. Oil cleansers have a big place in my routine, but I had to give the Modicum Essential Cleanser a try. It’s designed to be non-stripping and should be work for all skin types. The foaming is created by using sea kelp as a natural surfactant! I’m picturing foamy ocean waves now (tho I think that’s due to the salt). At 1 oz size, it could be a travel size but in fact, this is the full-size cleanser product sold. Pricey for a cleanser at roughly $1USD per ml at retail value.

The formulation looks as deluxe as the white glass bottle. I notice soothing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and rose absolute, squalene and glycerin to deliver hydration, and too many oils to list! I’m going to anyway: argan oil, apricot oil, rosehip fruit oil, Camellia Seed oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, black cumin seed oil, sea buckthorn and something called Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Oil. For the skincare nerds, there is a whole blog post on the subject of immortelle oil on the modicum website: These ingredients sound too nice to wash away.

Ok, what’s it like to use? It’s gentle, refreshing and effective. My skin feels soft, clean and fresh. No residual film and minimal traces of make-up, just a bit of waterproof mascara didn’t come off. I really like that this product is organic and made in the U.S. It has a unisex scent that I couldn’t quite place. Some might not like it. I thought it was licorice but looking at the ingredients, maybe the basil essential oil? Or just the actual ingredients themselves. Because it contains essential oil and a long list of plant-based ingredients, in my own humble opinion I raise a tiny flag for allergy and sensitivity concerns. However, it’s known to be a brand that is excellent for sensitive skin. The small bottle and mysterious scent make it like a precious item from a modern apothecary.

Unfortunately, I received a slightly leaky cleanser bottle. A few paper squiggles in the box were wet and I lost a small amount of product, nothing to worry about. MapleBlume customer service responded immediately to assure me that they are working on a solution and that “We’ve contacted Modicum and they said that they recently replaced their lids and it looks like the seal isn’t as tight as it should be.”

Aura Multi Use Stick in Spark from Vapour Organic Beauty – Mini Size, $29.40 CAD value

The Aura Multi Use is a best-selling mini that looks like a thick, stubby lipstick. You can use this creamy peach shade on lips, lids and cheeks. Every MapleBlume May Box includes one in the colour Spark, a gorgeous match up with the accompanying coral lip gloss. Quick note for vegetarians and vegans, there are carmine-free versions, but the Spark shade is not of them. It also contains beeswax.

I’ve got high expectations because this beauty tool has won awards from Allure Best of Beauty, Yoga Journal Natural Beauty Awards, and Elle Green Star Award.

Well, yes it’s great😊 I love it, and this is from someone that usually uses powder blush if anything. This creamy stick goes on super smooth and it’s comfortable to wear. I am no make-up expert and had no trouble using my fingers and q-tips to easily build up, fix and blend the colour to my liking. It was a little harder to put on my eyelids. Tapping it in rather than spreading is the way to go. For a bold pop of color, you can apply the stick directly. Once on, it feels pleasantly hydrating and stays put. I love that I can use it alone to naturally brighten my complexion and achieve a dewy “monochromatic elegance” that the insert card mentions. If I took one make-up item in my bag, this would be it!

Elixir Lip Gloss in Trust from Vapour Organic Beauty – Full Size, $33.40CAD value

I am picky about what goes on my lips. If the taste or texture is off, I can’t get past. Doesn’t matter if it looks gorgeous. Gloss can be especially problematic, that stickiness! I don’t know how they did it, but Vapour made a gloss that I like!

MapleBlume sent this in Trust (shade 317), a pink coral that added a subtle pink sheen to my lips (not orange-y coral). I love this for a classy daytime look and suspect it flatters most skin tones since it’s translucent. It’s adds shine but not an immature sparkle. Could be a choose with nearly universal appeal in my opinion, unless you are vegan or vegetarian, as it again contains carmine and beeswax. (There is a handy carmine-free filter on the Vapour Organics website for those that need to check shades.)

Vapor Organics makeup seems special for the “high performance” and “fine art color” in its products. I had no idea what it meant, though I do like the shades. This is the best answer I found, from their website: “natural mineral pigments create Vapour’s palette of modern, classic Fine Art Infused Color. From foundation to lipstick, our shades play beautifully across the wide range of skin tones and undertones” and are “[blended by] an internationally collected fine artist”[… “Vapour is colored exclusively with minerals and carmine. Mineral pigments have been used since the cave paintings of Lascaux in 15,000 B.C. Carmine is the best natural way to achieve red. Aztec and Mayan peoples colored textiles with carmine as early as the 15th century. Its first recorded cosmetic use was in England in 1523.”

There you have it, mineral pigments have artistic origin 😊 And apparently this choice avoids toxicity dangers presented by synthetic colorants.

I was really impressed by Vapour Beauty environmental practices. Besides the ‘usual’ effort to use soy ink, make more recyclable packaging, and include mostly organic material, Vapour Organics uses renewable energy to run the lab, office, and warehouse.

Here’s a pic of me wearing the gloss and multi-use stick!



MapleBlume has a knack for finding the best clean make-up brands and putting their super-star products in the box. To be quite honest, I don’t often wear make-up because I usually hate the feeling of it on my skin, don’t like what’s in it, and had bad luck with the performance of expensive natural products. However, I’ve been so happy with MapleBlume picks. With the May box, I loved this opportunity to try two Vapour Organics products. This perfect mix of skincare and make-up curation is part of what I love about the MapleBlume box. Getting makeup products that function as skincare is true alchemy! Ok, I’m probably over-stating that, but I do like this box a lot and I needed some new make-up that didn’t mess up my skin.

The total value of Mapleblume’s May box is $265.20CAD. The cost of the box is $120CAD. The May box features two make-up items from Vapour Organic Beauty, a gentle foaming cleanser from Modicum, full-size eye cream from Pai, and a full-size moisturizing mask from Nuori. I tried all these items and liked every single one. My ‘top’ choice is a three-way tie between the multi use stick, mask and eye cream. If the dispenser was a little better, I would pick the eye cream because I noticed immediate hydrating and depuffing results, the formula is for very sensitive skin (important for anyone’s eye area really!), and the regular price point is not too bad if I want to replace it.

Getting more than double retail value for a box is top-notch. With four full size items and one mini, I’m glad it’s quarterly subscription that allows me time to enjoy each item (and save up for the next billing).

I have loved subscribing to this box as a treat for myself. Of course, this box seems made for Mother’s Day or a birthday gift for a sister or best friend. I would struggle to make a high-end beauty box on my own at this value and be confident all the items would be suitable for most. They have the art of beautiful gift-giving nailed down. And that’s exactly what I value in a personal subscription box.

For beauty box options, there’s clean beauty skincare, makeup and skincare in trial size, luxury boxes. I think Mapleblume is that rare offering that will send you clean and luxury full-size beauty that includes both makeup and skincare. You just might beat a subscription box addiction and get everything you want with this one!

Is this box still available?

Yes! If you sign up now for Mapleblume, your first box will be May 2019!


What do you think of Mapleblume?






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