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FaceTory is a k-beauty subscription box that includes a variety of skin-pampering sheet face masks. FaceTory offers three subscription boxes to choose from priced from just $8.70 per month. US shipping is free on all subscriptions.

  • Fresh Kit - $8.70/mo, includes 4 carefully curated sheet masks including fabric masks in cotton and cellulose that have the most essential functions & features
  • Seven Lux Box - $19.90/mo, includes 7 carefully curated sheet masks with more diverse masks including hydrogels and multi-step masks that contains high quality ingredients
  • Lux Plus Box - $34.95/mo, includes 3 full-sized luxury skincare products, 3 sheet masks plus 1 specialty item

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Facetory Seven Lux Subscription Review + Coupon – January 2019

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About FaceTory:

FaceTory is a monthly K-beauty subscription box that sends you new Korean beauty sheet masks each month!

FaceTory offers two box options both with free shipping:


Use the FaceTory coupon ONEMASKFREE to get a free mask in your first Four-Ever Fresh Box


Use the promo code TWOMASKFREE to get two free masks in your first Seven Lux Box

This review is of the Facetory January 2019 Seven Lux Box which is $19.90 per month.

FaceTory includes an information sheet listening all of their masks, MSRPs, brief descriptions, and (what I really love) key ingredients and benefits! For those of us not as familiar with the uses of each ingredient in the various types of facemasks, highlighting the key ones and their main benefits is really helpful in selecting which masks to use for which purpose.

Now let’s talk about the masks in the Facetory January 2019 Box!

FaceTory: Moon Velvet, Moisturizing Cream Mask ($4)

This mask boasted shea butter and sodium hyaluronate as it’s key ingredients, suggesting the benefits were moisturizing dry skin and minimizing pores, among others. This was a nighttime mask, so I tried it after a nice hot shower. Oh boy, was this mask heavy on the cream! The face mask itself was also really big, as in I had folds upon folds going down my chin (my neck got some hydration too!). I didn’t mind the heavy lotion, since it certainly was hydrating, I just wish the mask itself had been a little smaller.

Banobagi: Vita Cocktail Foil Mask- Brightening ($4)

I’ve never tried a foil mask before so this felt extra fun! The mask was very stiff and sticky, so it definitely prevented any talking or giggling over the ridiculousness of it. After doing some foil face mask research, however, I found that’s pretty standard. The mask was broken up into two pieces so I was able to fit it to my face pretty well, which was nice. Key ingredients for this mask were niacinamide and adenosine which had skin-restoring and strengthening properties.

Coscodi: Propolis Blanc Cell Mask ($4)

The key ingredients in this mask were Propolis and Trehalose–an anti-inflammatory agent and a water-binding agent. I have some slight rosacea so this was a nice mask for that. The mask had a sweet honey smell to it, and while it didn’t fit my face perfectly, it fit better than some other masks in the box.

Rael Beauty Lab: Tea Tree Fresh Forward Mask ($3)

While this mask certainly wasn’t the most original or creative of the box, it was definitely a winner for me. Tea Tree is one of the few ingredients I’m familiar with in this box, and I know it does wonders for my skin, so I was happy to see it. This mask boasts tea tree leaf oil and cantella asiatica extract as its key ingredients, with antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. The mask was very refreshing, helped with my rosacea, and left me with a very clean fully makeup free feeling.

Elensilia IntraCELL: Escargot + Caviar Repairing Mask ($4.50)

An escargot and caviar face mask? Just reading the mask description made me feel fancy and spoiled! The key ingredients in the mask were glycosaminoglycan and caviar extract, with primary benefits being anti-aging and skin-repairing properties. The serum left a little a little more residue after the mask than I would have liked, but I was able to rub most of it into my skin afterwards. There was a nice summery fragrance to the mask too. While I wouldn’t say the mask was perfect, the caviar and escargot definitely made me feel extra special and for that it felt worth it.

Blooming Cell: Pink Peel 2-Step Mask ($5)

And this was my first two step mask! Lots of firsts in this months box for me. This one was a little more simple than the V7 Vita Pearl Mask. You use the peeling toner pad first to exfoliate, and then the mask afterwards to hydrate. The key ingredients in this one are lactic acid, green tea extract, and honey extract–for exfoliation, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory purposes. I really liked the exfoliation of the first step and found the mask itself to be the easiest to apply and fit my face well out of the whole box.

DAF: V7 Vita Pearl Mask ($3.50)

This was my first ever three-step mask and boy did I love it! I started with a bubble cleanser, moved on to the actual mask part of the face mask, and finished with a whitening cream. This mask smelt wonderful and fit my face really well, which was a nice plus. The key ingredients in this mask were pearl extract, inositol, and niacinamide–with some key benefits being promoting new cell growth, moisturizing, and improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.




I really liked that the Facetory information sheet pointed out the key ingredients and their benefits to me. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge in this area, I found it helpful to identify the ingredients and their uses not only for this box but for future face mask buying as well! I also really appreciated that a lot of these face masks felt distinctive and original, like the multi step masks, foil mask, and escargot/caviar mask. The January Facetory box had a total value of $28 while the box itself costs $19.90. I think that’s a pretty good value considering the variation in masks you get each month. If you like to pamper your face often, and prefer harder to find face masks with some more creative ingredients, this is a great box for you!

Is this box still available?

Unfortunately the January box is no longer available so if you sign up for Facetory now, your first box will be February 2019!


Use the FaceTory coupon ONEMASKFREE to get a free mask in your first Four-Ever Fresh Box


Use the FaceTory promo code TWOMASKFREE to get two free masks in your first Seven Lux Box





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