BoxyCharm vs Ipsy – Which Beauty Box Is Best For You?

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BoxyCharm vs Ipsy

Is BoxyCharm or Ipsy better? Which beauty subscription is best for you? Both BoxyCharm and Ipsy are two of the best makeup subscription boxes but which beauty subscription box is right for you? What is the best value beauty box?  Ipsy is one of the cheapest beauty box subscriptions available. Here we break down the differences between BoxyCharm and Ipsy including price, value, what you get, and more so you can find out which beauty box is best for you! Read on for more!


  • BoxyCharm – $21 per month
  • Ipsy – $10 per month (FYI: Price is increasing to $12 per month in September 2019) New Ipsy subscribers will start being billed at the new $12 rate starting with their September 2019 Glam Bag. Current Ipsy subscribers will begin the $12 rate with their October 2019 Glam Bag. Ipsy is offering current andnew subscribers the option to lock in the previous $10/mo rate if you sign up or upgrade by 9/30/19.

While Ipsy is cheaper than BoxyCharm and a great beauty box to try without investing too much, the price is increasing soon!

What You Get

  • BoxyCharm – 4-5 full size products in every box
  • Ipsy – 5 products, mostly sample size with occasional full size items plus a makeup bag called the “Glam Bag”

If you want all full size products, go with BoxyCharm. If you want lots of samples and have intentions to purchase the full size of the products you love, go with Ipsy.

Types of Products You’ll Get

  • BoxyCharm – Makeup galore! Lots of palettes (usually in every month’s box!), mascara, highlighters, makeup brushes, liquid lipstick, and skincare products.
  • Ipsy – Mix of makeup, beauty tools, nail polish, perfume, bath & body (body wash, lotion), and skincare products.

If you want makeup and palettes, go with BoxyCharm. If you want a little bit of everything, go with Ipsy.


  • BoxyCharm – BoxyCharm promises $145+ value in every box and consistently delivers at or over promised value, always well over the $21 subscription cost
  • Ipsy – Ipsy does not promise a set value, most of the Glam Bags we’ve received are valued from $30-$50 which is well over the subscription cost ($10 per month, soon to be $12 per month)

BoxyCharm consistently provides more value for the cost while the value of each Ipsy bag can vary greatly but will always be more than the subscription cost.


  • BoxyCharm – Usually two of the five products in each month’s BoxyCharm will be variation items (which means these products are not in every box), while the other three products will be in every box.
  • Ipsy – Variation is the name of the game with Ipsy as each month they sample more than 40 products so your friend’s Glam Bag might be totally different from yours.

If you want to know most of the items you’ll receive up front, go with BoxyCharm. If you like being surprised, go with Ipsy.


  • BoxyCharm – BoxyCharm matches products to your BoxyCharm beauty profile so you’re more likely to get a box variation that will suit your skin tone and preferences
  • Ipsy – Ipsy chooses products for you based on your Ipsy beauty profile

Both BoxyCharm and Ipsy use beauty profiles to match products to suit you


  • BoxyCharm – Sign up for an annual BoxyCharm subscription to pay just $19.25 per box (reg $21/mo)
  • Ipsy – Sign up for an annual Ipsy subscription to pay just $9.17 per box (reg $10/mo, soon to be $12/mo) Lock in $10/mo rate if you sign up for annual subscription by 9/30/19.

Both BoxyCharm and Ipsy offer a discount if you sign up for longer, prepaid subscriptions. For the best deal, sign up for an annual subscription.


  • BoxyCharm – Earn “Charms” that can be redeemed for free full beauty products in their “Charm Shop”. Get $10 for every 1000 Charms. Earn 750 Charms for each friend you refer, 100 for every product review, and 250 each month you’re a subscriber.
  • Ipsy – Earn points that can be redeemed for free (mostly) sample size products that ship with your next Glam Bag. Get 250 points for each friend you refer, 15 points for every product review, and 10 points for reviewing your entire Glam Bag each month.

You’ll get more free products with BoxyCharm’s rewards program and they’re full sized!


  • BoxyCharm – Shipping is free! BoxyCharm ships to the US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Shipping is through FedEx Smart Post, you’ll get an email with tracking link once your box ships. Your local post office delivers your box.
  • Ipsy – Shipping is free for Ipsy. Ipsy ships in the US and its territories, APO, FPO, DPO, and Canada. Ipsy ships via DHL SM Parcel Ground so the local post office delivers Ipsy as well.


  • BoxyCharm – Sometimes there’s a waitlist, so be sure to sign up ASAP if you want the current month’s box. Check the BoxyCharm homepage to see if there’s a current waitlist.
  • Ipsy – Ipsy usually has a waitlist but you can skip the list by sharing Ipsy on social media. After signing up for Ipsy, they’ll prompt you to “skip the waitlist”. Share Ipsy on social or contact Ipsy customer care ([email protected]) and request to be removed from the waitlist.

Both beauty subscriptions may have a current waitlist, be sure to check their website to find out the waitlist status.

Ease of Cancellation

  • BoxyCharm – You can easily cancel your BoxyCharm subscription in your online account anytime without contacting customer service.
  • Ipsy – Ipsy also allows you to cancel your subscription without contacting them.

Both subscriptions allow you to cancel your subscription in your online account anytime without contacting customer service.


If you want makeup and to get more for your money, sign up for BoxyCharm now! If you just want to try a cheap beauty box with a mix of products, subscribe to Ipsy.


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