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BoxyCharm vs Ipsy

Is BoxyCharm or Ipsy better? Is GlossyBox worth it? What is the best subscription box for skincare? Which monthly box is best?

In this post, we’ll compare four of the best beauty subscription boxes in the $20 range including Boxycharm, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, BeautyFix, and Glossybox. We’ll walk you through all the details including price, what’s included, promised value vs. what you actually get, customization options, and more! Hopefully you’ll find this article helpful in deciding which monthly beauty box is right for you!

BoxyCharm vs Ipsy Glam Bag Plus vs BeautyFix vs GlossyBox

1. Price

  • BoxyCharm – $21 per month with free shipping for 5 full size beauty products
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – $25 per month with free shipping for 5 full size beauty products
  • BeautyFix – $24.95 per month with free shipping for 6+ beauty products
  • GlossyBox – $21 per month with free shipping for 5 beauty products

-All of these boxes are comparable in cost but not in value keep scrolling to the “Promised Value VS What You Actually Get Section” for more info.
-You can get a discount with longer, pre-paid subscriptions to save a few bucks off each month’s box.
-Usually you can find a GlossyBox coupon to get a discount on your subscription. Check out our GlossyBox Coupons
-BeautyFix and BoxyCharm rarely offer coupons, they’ve offered coupons only a few times since they started the subscription.
-Ipsy does not offer coupons

2. Types Of Products & Brands You Get

  • BoxyCharm – Mostly makeup including a palette in almost every month’s box. BoxyCharm also recently started including skincare products in their boxes. Makeup brushes & tools are also prevalent in BoxyCharm. Brands you can expect to see in BoxyCharm includes Tarte, Cover FX, GlamGlow, Tatcha, Dr. Brandt, Pretty Vulgar, Hank & Henry, Pur Cosmetics, Crown Brushes, Luxie, Wander Beauty, Winky Lux, IT Cosmetics, Becca Cosmetics, Deborah Lippmann.
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Includes a mix of makeup, beauty tools, skincare, haircare, and bodycare products. Some of the brands featured includes- Murad, Vasanti, Hey Honey, Ofra, Briogeo, Tarte Cosmetics, NYX, Huda Beauty, IT Cosmetics, Finding Ferdinand, Goldenfaden MD.
  • BeautyFix – Mostly skincare products by premium brands with some haircare products and occasional skincare tools, wellness products (ex: Hum Nutrition supplement samples) and fragrance sample vials. Expect to see higher-end & boutique skincare brands you’ll find online in the shop including Lancer, Elemis, Avene, Klorane, REN, Skinceuticals, La Roche Posay, and Murad.
  • GlossyBox – A mix of makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare, and fragrance products (they’ve featured Proenza Schouler and Viktor & Rolf perfumes several times). Expect to see everything from drugstore to high-end brands including Freeman, Copper & Crane, Becca Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, John Masters Organics, Juice Beauty, Derma E, ModelCo, Manna Kadar Beauty, Briogeo, Skin Chemists, Doucce.

-If you want makeup, go with BoxyCharm
-If you want a mix of beauty products, go with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus or GlossyBox
-If you want skincare products, go with BeautyFix

3. Full Size Items

  • BoxyCharm – Includes all full size products
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Includes all full size products
  • BeautyFix – Includes a mix of full size and sample size products
  • GlossyBox – Includes a mix of full size and sample size products

-If you want all full size products, go with BoxyCharm or Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

4. Variation

  • BoxyCharm – Typically, 3 of the 5 products are included in all boxes and 2 of the 5 are variation items, which means they will vary from box to box
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – There are several variations each month and what you receive will be based on your Ipsy beauty profile so make sure it’s up to date
  • BeautyFix – No variations so you’re guaranteed to get what’s shown in that month’s box
  • GlossyBox – Similar to BoxyCharm- there’s typically a few products that all subscribers will receive and a few that will vary from box to box

-If you want to know exactly what you’re getting without any surprises, go with BeautyFix
-If you don’t mind a few surprises and are OK knowing most of the products you’ll get, go with BoxyCharm or GlossyBox
-If you want everything to be a surprise and want your products to be customized to your beauty preferences, go with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

5. Promised Value VS. What You Actually Get

  • BoxyCharm – Consistently delivers over their promised $100 value per box
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Consistently delivers over their promised $120 value per box
  • BeautyFix – Consistently delivers at the $100 promised box value or over
  • GlossyBox – Does not always deliver on promised $60 box value. Value from month to month can greatly vary- one month can be worth $100+, next month can be worth $50.

-For consistently high value boxes, go with BoxyCharm, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, or BeautyFix

6. Customization Options

  • BoxyCharm – BoxyCharm matches products to your BoxyCharm beauty profile but you can’t choose your products. (**Recently they introduced customization for BoxyLuxe, their upgraded seasonal box)
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Like BoxyCharm, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus includes products that are matched to your Ipsy beauty profile and you can’t choose products.
  • BeautyFix – No customization- all subscribers receive the same box each month
  • GlossyBox – Variation products in your box are based on your Glossybox beauty profile. You cannot choose your products.

-If you want your products to be tailored to your beauty needs and skin tone, go with BoxyCharm, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, or GlossyBox.

7. Cancelling/Skip Options

  • BoxyCharm – You can cancel online once logged into your account, BoxyCharm does not offer the option to skip a month or pause the subscription
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Easily cancel online once logged into your Ipsy account and unlike BoxyCharm, you can skip a month
  • BeautyFix – Log into your account and navigate to your subscriptions panel to cancel online or contact customer service to change frequency or skip a month
  • GlossyBox – Log into your Glossybox account to cancel online. Glossybox does not offer skip month or pause options.

-All four beauty boxes allow you to easily cancel your subscription online.
-Ipsy is the only subscription of the four that allows you to cancel and skip online without contacting customer service.

8. Shipping

  • BoxyCharm – Ships to US, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. After your box ships, you’ll receive a tracking email. Sometimes I receive the email after I’ve received my box. I’ve had my BoxyCharm delivered by both FedEx and USPS. First boxes ship within 5-10 days of placing your order.
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Ships to the US only. USPS delivers this box. You’ll receive a shipment email with tracking info once the box ships. Subscribers are billed on the 1st of the month and bag will arrive two weeks after they bill you successfully.
  • BeautyFix – Ships to the US only. USPS delivers this box. You’ll receive a shipment email with tracking info once the box ships.
  • GlossyBox – Ships to the US and Canada. Shipping is free to US and $5 per box for Canada. You’ll receive a shipment email with tracking info once the box ships which for your first box will be within 14 days of placing your order.

-If you live in the US, you’ll have access to all four of these boxes with free shipping
-Canadian residents can get BoxyCharm (free shipping) and GlossyBox ($5 shipping fee per box).

9. Waitlist

  • BoxyCharm – Sometimes there is a waitlist but not at time of publishing this article. Click here to see if there is a wait for the latest box.
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Currently, there is a waitlist for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus so get on the list here!
  • BeautyFix – Sometimes they sell out of the current month’s box and you have to wait until the next month to receive a box
  • GlossyBox – No waitlist so you should always be able to get the current month’s box

-If you want a box now, sign up for BoxyCharm, BeautyFix, or GlossyBox.
-You may have to wait to get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Box.

10. Rewards & Loyalty Benefits

  • BoxyCharm – Earn “Charms” to spend in the “Charm Room”. For every 1000 Charms you earn, you get a $10 credit to spend in the Charm Room on makeup, beauty tools, and skincare products. Items go fast so if you see something you want, grab it while you can! Earn charms by referring friends (get 500 charms for every friend you refer) and reviewing products (get 50 charms for each review). You can expect to see the same brands (and sometimes) the same products featured in previous boxes.
  • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Earn rewards points that can be redeemed for free beauty products that ship free with your next regular Ipsy Glam Bag by referring friends (250 for each friend that signs up through your referral link), reviewing products (15 points for each Glam Bag product you review), and 10 points for reviewing your entire Glam Bag for that month. Products are deluxe and sample sizes with the exception of makeup brushes. Brands are same ones featured in regular Glam Bag- Purlisse, Cake Beauty, TheBalm Cosmetics, Pur Cosmetics…
  • BeautyFix – Join the Dermstore Rewards program for free to earn points with every purchase. For every $1 spent, you earn 5 points. 100 Points = $1 Dermstore Dollar which you can redeem on future orders at! Get 2x points during special promotions. You can also earn points by sharing purchases on Facebook (150 points), writing product reviews (100 points), sharing a review on Facebook (50 points), and sharing a Dermstore blog post on Facebook (50 points).
  • GlossyBox –  Earn GlossyCredits to redeem for credit to spend at and (You must link your LookFantastic and Glossybox accounts  to spend your credit) Earn GlossyCredits by completing a beauty profile (40 cents), completing a box survey (40 cents), completing a product survey (40 cents), completing a brand product survey (80 cents), completing a box product review (40 cents). Glossybox will email you when your surveys are available. You can also earn by referring a friend through your online Glossybox account. Earn $5 for a monthly subscription, $10 for 3 month sub, $12 for 6 month sub, and $15 in credit for every 12 month Glossybox subscription you refer.

-All four boxes offer you the ability to earn credit to redeem for free beauty products.
-BoxyCharm’s Charm Room products notoriously sell out fast so if you see something you want, grab it quickly!
-Ipsy rewards are easy to earn and redeem and they usually have a decent offering from good brands to choose from.


I hope this breakdown of these four beauty subscription boxes is helpful in deciding which beauty box is right for you!

Here’s my final thoughts on each box:

BoxyCharm – If you love makeup, get BoxyCharm. You’ll get tons of fun palettes, makeup brushes, highlighters, blush, and primers galore- all full sized! Sign up for BoxyCharm here!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus if you want a mix of full size beauty products from top brands. Get on the waiting list for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus here!

BeautyFix – If skincare is your thing, then BeautyFix is the box for you! You’ll get premium brands and lots of variety to find your perfect products! Sign up for BeautyFix here!

GlossyBox – If you’re all about beauty but want a wide variety of products including bodycare and fragrance, get GlossyBox. Sign up for GlossyBox here!


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