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Bombay & Cedar is a monthly women's lifestyle subscription box that delivers a thoughtful curation of vegan, cruelty-free, natural beauty, lifestyle, and wellness products that delight for $49.95 per month for the Bombay & Cedar Premium Box which includes 8-10 full size products or $29.95 for the Mini Box which is filled with 5-7 full size products. Some items you'll find in Bombay & Cedar Box includes premium essential oils, healthy snacks, organic skincare products, diffusers, stationery & books, and home goods all carefully curated to inspire and uplift!

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Bombay & Cedar “Breathe” Box Review – May 2018 + Coupon!

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Bombay & Cedar  is a women’s luxury lifestyle subscription box that features a variety of full size vegan, cruelty-free products including beauty, wellness, and aromatherapy carefully curated for those who live a healthy lifestyle and love new, inspiring discoveries for $49.95 per month.

Use our exclusive Bombay & Cedar coupon code SAVVY10 to save 10% off your first box!

Bombay & Cedar’s packaging is always top-notch! Unboxing Bombay & Cedar is like opening a special gift!

Inside each box you’ll find a brochure that lists the theme (this month’s theme is “Breathe”) and info on some of the featured products.

You’ll also find a card that lists each item in the box along with the retail values.

Be sure to share pics of your Bombay & Cedar box on social media to get a free gift in your next box!

Here’s the free gift I received this month:

BYBI Buffer Lip Scrub – Full Size, $12 value

This all natural, cruelty-free, vegan, sugar & strawberry lip scrub gently exfoliates lips leaving them soft and smooth! It contains agave and cinnamon to plump and nourish.

Now, let’s reveal everything in the May Bombay & Cedar box!

The May box is positively packed with goodies! It contains 10 items and has a total value of $125.87! Brands include Pinky Up, Cocofloss, Mer-Sea, BKind, and more! Keep reading for details on each item!

Bombay & Cedar Essential Oils in “Comfort” and “Clear Mind” – $17 value x 2

Two Bombay & Cedar essential oils are included in this month’s box- the “Comfort” blend and the “Clear Mind” blend.

The Comfort blend contains oils that help relax and ease tension in the scalp and body muscles. It can be used to help relieve sore muscles and migraines and enhance overall relaxation and wellness. The formula includes lavandin, peppermint, wintergreen, frankincense, marjoram, and spanish rosemary. I found this scent really interesting- it’s fresh and sweet but also herbal and mossy.

The Clear Mind blend includes a mix of uplifting and relaxing oils to help relieve stress. The formula contains bergamot, sweet orange, ylang ylang, pink grapefruit, and patchouli. It’s a heady scent that’s citrusy, woody, and rich.

Both oils can be used in a diffuser or applied topically if mixed with a carrier oil.

Pinky Up Double Walled Glass Tea Mug – $11.99

I love my Bodum double walled glasses so I was excited to see this double walled glass tea mug in the box! This 12 oz. mug is made of double-walled borosilicate glass so it maintains the temperature of your drink (hot or cold!), and the exterior stays cool to the touch so no more worries about a too hot tea mug!

Flower Pot Tea Company Flavored Blooming Tea in Lush Lavender – Box of 4 Blooms, $8.99

(*Subscribers received one of three varieties of this lovely blooming tea- Lush Lavender, Coconut Escape, or Regal Jasmine.)

This box of tea contains 4 tea blooms which can each be infused three times yielding up to 48 cups of tea total! Each tea bloom is made of tea leaves infused with fruit essence, wrapped around delicate dried flowers. To make, add one bloom to one teapot of boiling water and watch the beautiful bloom unfold! I made a cup of tea with the double walled glass from this box so you can see how the tea bloom looks once it’s bloomed! This particular blend- Lush Lavender- is mellow with a fruity and slightly nutty flavor. It contains jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, gomphrena flowers, and white tea.

BKind Himalayan Bath Salts in Eucalyptus – $21.95 value

(*subscribers received these bath salts in eucalyptus, lavender, or hibiscus)

How pretty are these bath salts?! I received the eucalyptus version which is a mix of pink Himalayan salt paired with red rosebuds, eucalyptus leaves, and eucalyptus oil. They make your bath not only smell divine but provide the added health benefits of improved circulation and skin detoxification from the sea salt minerals plus I just love the dried rosebud bits!

Boom Boom Nasal Inhaler in Tropical Rush – $7.95 value

This bullet-shaped tube contains a custom blend of all natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils formulated to stimulate your senses to make you feel more alert, increase energy, and improve focus. The rapid acting vapors are refreshing and cooling thanks to the included menthol. One tube is best used within 30 days but the scent will last up to 3 months. The scent I received- Tropical Rush- is sweet and uplifting and gave me a much needed mid-afternoon boost!

Lesser Evil Green Elephant Potato Chips – $1 value

(*subscribers received Perfectly Salted or Salt ‘n Apple Cider Vinegar)

These Green Elephant potato chips are crunchy and delicious! They’re made with non-GMO ingredients including organic sunflower oil and pink Himalayan sea salt and are kettle cooked in small batches for optimal taste & quality!

Mer Sea Room Perfume in Kismet – $19 value

(*subscribers received Kismet, Saltaire, or Sun-Kissed)

This Mer Sea air freshener spray was hand-poured in the USA and contains essential oils to naturally enhance your space! The scent “Kismet” is an intriguing blend of jasmine, rose, currant, mandarin, and wood so it’s fruity, floral, and warm all at once! The spray is very fine and the scent is just lovely! This is a new fave!

CocoFloss Dental Floss – $8 value

CocoFloss is a soft, fibrous floss that’s coated with coconut oil to naturally scrub your teeth clean! The fibrous texture did a great job at cleaning between my teeth and I like the tropical coconut scent too! This is also a new favorite!

Breathe Your Way to a Calmer, Happier, Stress-Free Life by Jean Hall – $12.99 value

This month’s box is all about taking a moment to breathe so this book on simple breathing techniques for a calmer, happier life is the perfect addition! Inside, you’ll find easy to follow instructions on how to breathe “the right way” for health benefits including lowering your stress level and blood pressure, increasing mindfulness & energy, improving sleep, and regaining focus. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on “aligning and balancing” as well as the interesting facts on our lungs and breath that are scattered throughout the book. This book is great for anyone craving an improvement in their general well-being!


This month’s box was very well curated! Almost all of the products went with the Breathe theme and each item is genuinely useful! I have so many favorites in this box, I can’t choose just one, and I will likely repurchase several of the items as well! (CocoFloss, Mer-Sea room spray, and more tea mugs!) This box is worth $125.87, which is fantastic for a $49.95 box!

Can I still get this box if I sign up today?

Unfortunately, the May box is no longer available so if you sign up for Bombay & Cedar now, your first box will be June 2018- check out spoilers here!


Use our exclusive Bombay & Cedar coupon code SAVVY10 to save 10% off your first box!

What do you think of this month’s Bombay & Cedar box? Have you tried any of these products?



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