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Allure Beauty Box is another fantastic monthly beauty box to try in 2020! For just $15 per month you'll get an array of editor-approved beauty products from the best in the beauty world including Sunday Riley, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ouai, NARS, and Oribe to name a few of the top brands featured in the box. Allure Beauty Box is also a great value as they consistently provide a mix of full size and deluxe size products that are well over the box price so you'll always get more than your money's worth!

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Allure Beauty Box Review + Coupon – March 2019

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Allure Beauty Box March 2019 Review

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box curated by the beauty editors at Allure magazine and includes a variety of full and deluxe size beauty products from popular beauty brands including Tarte, Oribe, Laneige, Dior, Sunday Riley, Nudestix, Rahua, Wander Beauty, Make Up For Ever, and more for $15 per month with free shipping! If you want a mix of makeup, skincare, bodycare, and haircare products from high-end brands, Allure Beauty Box is a great budget-friendly option!

The Box: Allure Beauty Box

Cost: $15 per month

Includes: Allure editor-approved beauty products in full and deluxe sizes

Coupon: Sign up for Allure Beauty Box through this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free gift!

Each March 2019 Allure Beauty Box contains a fold out card that includes information about each product, where you can find the products, and some bonus exclusive promo codes for discounts off your favorite products!

This month, I received a white, semi-transparent bag. In the past, I used my black Allure bag as a clutch, so rest assured, you’ll get use out of these!

Here are the contents of the March 2019 Allure Beauty Box. This month’s box contains seven products from the following brands: Biobelle, Juice Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, Invisibobble, Dr. Brandt, Derma E, Acure, Mamonde, Belif, Glow Recipe, and Au Naturale. As you can see, my bag was on the skincare-heavy side.

Now, let’s talk about each product individually!

Au Naturale The Anywhere Creme Multistick in the Shade Grapefruit – Full Size, Retail value $35

Au Naturale is a brand that prides itself on using 100% natural ingredients while maintaining a cruelty free and vegan status. The grapefruit shade for this multistick is a gorgeous peachy pink with gold shine. This product can be used primarily as a cream blush. It can be used on the lips of you’d like, but it has prominent gold glitter that might not look the best on the lips. It may also be fun to use as a cream shadow. When added to the face as a blush, it has such a natural finish and gives the cheeks a beautiful flush. This was my favorite product from the box! The retail value of $35 is steep, but with such natural ingredients and the large amount of product that you get, it may be worth it.

Derma-E Microdermabrasion Scrub (0.5 oz)- $8.13 sample value

Derma E is a company founded in Southern California in the 1980s with the goal of creating skincare products that are natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and also environmentally friendly. I was impressed that this company made the environment a priority by offsetting there conventional electricity use with wind energy and refusing to use ingredients that may damage the ecosystem of our oceans like nanoparticles typically used in exfoliants. Their microdermabrasion scrub is made with dead sea salt, citrus oils, vitamin E, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and kaolin. Because of all of these oils, the scrub has a lovely scent. On first use, I found that the scrub exfoliated too hard and might be too harsh for my skin. I later found that if you use a ton of water and less product, the scrub not as harsh. My only complaint is that after using the scrub I felt that there was residue leftover and that my skin felt as if I had put a lot of moisturizer on it but in an uncomfortable way. Anyway, this scrub was a great introduction for me for such an environmentally responsible brand!

Biobelle Cosmetics Botanic Fiber Facial Mask – $3.99 Full Size, Retail value

This blueberry and yogurt sheet mask by Biobelle Cosmetics was a real treat for me after a long day. Biobelle Cosmetics makes only sheet masks that they sell on their website and at Ulta. Their focus is on providing sheet masks that are environmentally friendly and natural. They use a proprietary material for their sheet masks called Tencel which is made from wood pulp coming from sustainable forests. This sheet mask was incredibly comfortable in that I barely noticed that it was on my face as I wore it. The serum from the mask still caused that cooling sensation that I love from sheet masks, but the mask itself was not itchy or uncomfortable and it fit well. The blueberry extract is meant to give your skin protection with its antioxidant properties while the yogurt is supposed to brighten full skin. The mask also contains lactic acid, a great chemical exfoliant for the skin. At $3.99, this might be a product that I try again on my own!

Mamonde Rose Water Toner (25 mL, 0.84 fl oz) – $2.30 sample value

Mamonde is a brand featured in last month’s Allure Beauty Box with a similar looking rose pink little bottle. This time, we received a Rose Water Toner which I was excited to see. Toner is the skincare product that I go through the quickest since a lot of liquid is needed to soak a cotton pad for wiping on the face. For this reason, I was a bit disappointed by the size and calculated value of this sample. Regardless, this toner was a great pampering step for my morning routine. Like the previous month’s Mamonde product, the scent is floral and definitely rosy. On the skin, it left a slight tingle, but not any burning or discomfort. It left my face feeling adequately cleaned.

Acure Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil (10 mL, 0.3 fl oz)- $4.33 sample value

I haven’t quite used a product like this one before! This oil from Acure is a mixture of sweet almond, jojoba, castor, argan, rose flower, grape seed, kukui nut, blue tansy flower, yarrow, and matricaria oil in addition to kale, rosemary, vitamin E, and jasmine flower extract. That’s a crazy combination of so many cool ingredients! The goal of the product is to replace your night cream and give your skin antioxidant protection and soothing hydration. It comes in a glass bottle with a roller ball. In my opinion, it’s not the most hygienic way to apply skincare, so I put it on the back of my hand before applying it to my face. What makes this product unique in my eyes is its weightlessness. It hardly feels as if I’m adding an oil to my skin. When it absorbs into my pores, I do see a nice glow, but I can’t feel the oil. This makes the product ideal for nighttime because nobody wants a sticky face all over their pillow. This product was my second favorite, and though its sample value is low, it adds a fair amount of value to the bag as a whole. If you’re curious, in addition to cruelty free and vegan skincare, Acure also sells hair products.

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb (25 mL, 0.84 fl oz) – $19 sample value

This pricey hydration bomb is one that is very familiar to me! I’ve snagged this multiple times as either a free Sephora reward or a foil sample packet. This moisturizer is oil free and has a gel-like look and feel to it. It becomes more watery when applied to the face. I know the color doesn’t do anything for the skin, but I do love the look of it. As a moisturizer, it does an okay job. It is nowhere near as hydrating as the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream that I received in March’s BoxyLuxe box. I cannot stop using that one! So while it may be an unfair comparison, I find this worth mentioning. Since the product is expensive, the teeny tiny tub we received technically does add a fair amount of value to the box. But since I’ve tried it before for free through Sephora and am currently using a moisturizer I like a lot more, the Aqua Bomb is a pass for me.

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfector Exfoliator (0.25 oz) – $7.25 sample value

When I saw this tiny tube, I definitely rolled my eyes. This was after I had already seen the Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub. I’m confused about why this box had two of the same type of product in a month. In addition to this, I feel overloaded with Dr. Brandt products. I’ve tried almost the entire line by now via Influenster and Sephora freebies. While I love how they work, I subscribe to makeup subscriptions to try new things. In any case, I prefer this exfoliating scrub to the Derma E scrub. The exfoliating crystals are much smaller and its cream base feels more hydrating and moisturizing. The scent is hard to pindown, but based on the ingredients, it’s likely oats that I’m smelling. Unfortunately, one of the first ingredients included in this exfoliator is denatured alcohol. This has astringent properties that may break down the skin’s barrier and dry you out. So to those who have dry skin, careful with this one!


This is the order I like to apply skincare products. I follow the order that you can find on line called the 10 step Korean skincare routine. Sometimes I do ten steps, sometimes just two! In this case, with this month’s Allure Beauty Box, I would start with cleansing via one of the two exfoliators provided. Next, once my face is clean, I make sure everything is gone using a cotton pad with the Mamonde Rose Water Toner. To add hydration, I would move on to the Biobelle face mask since it is packed with serum. Finally, I would end with Aqua Bomb moisturizer by Belif and seal in the moisture with the Acure face oil.



This month’s Allure Beauty Box contained products with a combined value of $80 for the subscription price of $15. This is quite disappointing for me personally but is still a good value overall. I was also disappointed that there was only one out of seven items in the makeup category. Nothing in the box stood out as a bad product choice, but the sample sizes were quite small. The biggest blessing of the box might be that most of these items like the Acure Blue Tansy Night Oil are affordably priced for full size purchase. The job of makeup subscription boxes should include introducing you to products you would buy again, so I do feel that the Allure box of March did achieve that goal. I’m unsure whether or not I can recommend this box based on the low product value and lack of variability. Allure may just be trying to find its footing to consistently deliver products that subscribers will want more of. I can’t be too mad about that!

Is this box still available?

As of the publishing date of this article, the March box is no longer available so if you sign up now for Allure Beauty Box, your first box will be the April 2019 Carli Bybel box! Check out Allure Beauty Box April 2019 Spoilers here!

Coupon: Sign up for Allure Beauty Box through this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free gift!



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